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Athena (in the water at right) uses a ladder to get in and out of the piranha exhibit. It's not usually in there.

Swimming with Piranhas

It’s no coincidence that every time I go to talk with Athena Csuzdi she’s busily scrubbing down an Aquarium exhibit. After all, as the Aquarium biologist responsible for the care of the tropical freshwater animals, it’s her job to ensure all of their exhibits are well looked after, even if that means taking a dip with the piranhas. Yes, piranhas. Athena explains that the light above the piranha exhibit encourages algae growth, just as sunlightContinue Reading: Swimming with Piranhas

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AquaClub programs at the Vancouver Aquarium

AquaClub Fall Registration Now Open

Back for its second year and now open for registration, members of the Vancouver Aquarium have exclusive access to AquaClubs, a program specially designed for young aspiring marine biologists and conservationists ages seven through 11. AquaClubs offer the opportunity forContinue Reading: AquaClub Fall Registration Now Open

Bee Bop Vancovuer Aquarium

Street Team Summer Wrap Up

Our volunteer program at the Vancouver Aquarium provides opportunities for just about every personality type: shy, extroverted, studious, artistic, or meticulously organized. The Street Team is a job for the most outgoing of our volunteers. They are on site, representingContinue Reading: Street Team Summer Wrap Up

Island life comes with island responsibilities.

Living on an Island

Life on an island is something that most of us dream about. The beautiful beaches, relaxed lifestyle, and tight-knit community may be a welcome change from the fast-paced city life that many of us are used to. The truth isContinue Reading: Living on an Island

Justin (right) helps in the rescue of Chester, a false killer whale calf.

Job is Dream Come True for Veterinary Fellow

Sometimes a deep feeling just can’t be explained. Justin Rosenberg, the Aquarium’s current veterinary fellow, appears to search for words when asked about his passion for his chosen field. He says, “Ever since I can remember, I always wanted toContinue Reading: Job is Dream Come True for Veterinary Fellow