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Protecting Canada’s Pacific National Aquarium

The following is an Open Letter from Dr. John Nightingale, Vancouver Aquarium President and CEO. We’ve spent the last four weeks studying the resolutions passed by the Park Board on July 31st which set out new conditions under which cetaceans can be acquired and managed at Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre. We have concluded that the resolutions put forth by the Park Board restrict the Vancouver Aquarium’s ability to fully continue its mission and mandate.Continue Reading: Protecting Canada’s Pacific National Aquarium

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Carol Whitlck, Volunteer Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence Volunteer

Last summer, Carol Whitlock came back to the Aquarium for the first time since her children, now in their 30s, were small. She was so inspired by the Jellyfish Invasion exhibit that she decided to pitch us a new volunteerContinue Reading: Artist in Residence Volunteer

Trash turned art, Vancouver Aquarium

Shoreline Trash Becomes Art on the North Coast

Sometimes with a little nourishing, a small idea can grow into something much larger – in this case a nine foot, plastic-covered totem pole. Each year, students in Tasha Parker’s art classes at Charles Hays Secondary School in Prince RupertContinue Reading: Shoreline Trash Becomes Art on the North Coast

Electric Eels at the Vancouver Aquarium

Featured Animal: Electric Eels

The most electrically charged freshwater animal is lighting things up at the Vancouver Aquarium – literally. Meet the electric eels (Electrophorus electricus) of the Vancouver Aquarium, located in both the Amazon gallery and the Canaccord Financial Exploration Gallery. The electricContinue Reading: Featured Animal: Electric Eels

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Narwhal 2014: Elusive Whales

We are well into our narwhal research trip and… no sight of narwhals. Should they have ventured by our camp outside of Grise Fiord, Nunavut I would have seen them early this morning because there was no wind and theContinue Reading: Narwhal 2014: Elusive Whales