Canada has the longest coastline of any country in the world – 4.5 times the closest rival, Indonesia. And the Arctic accounts for 75% of Canada’s total coastline.

Every two years, the Coastal Zone Canada Association meets to discuss leading expert opinions from Canada’s coastal and ocean policy, science, engineering and management communities. Within these communities there is tremendous concern for the state of Canada’s coastlines and coastal ecosystems.

At the 2010 Biennial conference in Charlottetown, PEI this summer, a Declaration was crafted calling for a Canadian Summit on Oceans, Coasts and The Great Lakes to craft an action plan for ensuring the health, resiliency, safety and productivity of our coastal ecosystems. It also calls for the establishment of a Canadian Council for Oceans, Coasts and the Great Lakes to ensure that the action plan is carried out.

You can find the Declaration here.

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