Down here in southern Canada, we tend to look north and assume the long, dark winters must be nearly intolerable. Now that the sun has set for a month or two in much of the north, I thought I’d share an email I received back in September from our friend Shelly Elverum in Pond Inlet. I’ll let it speak for itself…

Well, the daylight is rapidly fading in Pond Inlet – we have about 3 weeks of sunlight left before the sun disappears on Nov 10, and will not reappear until around Jan 29. As odd as it may sound, this is the start of a happy and warm season in the community! It is when people connect with each other, and spend a great deal of time at home with friends and family. This is especially true right now, as the ice begins to form on the ocean, and travel out of the community is virtually impossible.

The view of Sirmilik National Park from Pond Inlet in the end of October. The sun still rises and the ice hasn’t formed in the inlet. Photo: Shelly Elverum.

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  1. Haidée Virgo

    !! ” Far out ” And I love the image .This , I gauge from the posted dates , may be a couple of YEARS ( !! ) too late , but I hate the bright , hot , polluted heat of Summer , especially in the city . My fantasy is to be able to move to Iceland, Sweden , Norway ,, or back to the north of Scotland , whence I hail. And the remark about the ice beginning to form on the ocean ; I lived almost five years in Nfld. , ( and some days had to dig my way out of the snow enclosing the kitchen door ) in the early ’70s ; and even more directly experienced , my father & I sailed from Liverpool to Montreal in February of 1971 , in/on a freight ship & and we got stranded , although the ship in question did have its own ” ice breaker ” , it was not up to the heavy freeze that year, and about 100 miles off the coast of Nfld. we got stranded in the ice , along with two other ships which had been stuck there since Nov. , until 10 days later a much stonger ” ice-breaker ” came to our mutual rescue from Montreal . !


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