Frobisher Bay in January 2005. Photo: Chris Debicki.

For the first time in recent memory, Iqaluit’s New Years snowmobile parade was cancelled this year. Too much snow? Too cold or too icy? That’s been known to put the breaks on celebrations in other parts of the country for sure. But in Iqaluit, it’s quite the contrary: not cold enough and not enough ice.

The parade takes place on the frozen surface of Frobisher Bay…well, it would anyway, if the bay wasn’t a month or two late freezing up.

The lack of ice affects more than just the parade. The ice, as an extension of the land, is crucial for travel and hunting as well.

Chris Debicki from the Pew Environment Group’s Oceans North Canada, and Jack Hicks, a social research consultant and Iqaluit resident sent us the images of Frobisher Bay below.

Frobisher Bay in the first week of January, 2011. Photo: Jack Hicks.

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