The Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre team has been rehabilitating a recently rescued harbour porpoise.

On September 16 the baby porpoise was reported stranded in Horseshoe Bay. When Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue staff arrived on scene, the 12-kilogram harbour porpoise had difficulty breathing and could no longer swim. His muscles and skin were severely damaged by the pressure of being stranded.

He was immediately transferred to the Rescue Centre for treatment, where he was placed in a flotation device that kept him afloat. He continues to receive antibiotics and medication to help minimize his stress response while he slowly recuperates. He is fed every 90 minutes and watched 24 hours a day by Rescue Centre staff and volunteers. In the upcoming days, the Rescue Centre team will slowly increase his food intake while decreasing the frequency of feeding. He will also be encouraged to exercise, his muscle damage can be resolved over time if he receives physiotherapy to help him regain motion and strength. After 14 days at the Rescue Centre, the prognosis now looks better for the approximately six-week old male calf, named Jack.

Jack the harbour porpoise with Marine Mammal Rescue Centre manager Lindsaye Akhurst

Jack arriving at the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre

Jack arriving at the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre


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    • Vancouver Aquarium

      Jack seems to be doing well. He is fully weaned on a diet of herring and now weighs 25.10 kg. He is really interactive with staff and volunteers and loves belly rubs!

  1. Deizibug

    I never thought I’d find an equally (if not more) inspiring critter than Daisy. Jack’s an amazing little dude, and I can’t wait for the rest of his story to unfold! Who knows- Maybe I’ll be adding to my Daisy tattoo for my birthday. <3


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