That’s exciting, if you’re Dr. Jeff Marliave scuba diving off West Vancouver’s Lighthouse Park. He and members of the Vancouver Aquarium’s Fish Research team saw dozens of young black rockfish off West Vancouver a few weeks ago – the discovery gave them a huge sense of satisfaction.

It means that their 15-year effort to transplant and monitor black rockfish in this area is paying off.

Black rockfish (Sebastes melanops) were once abundant along the shores of West Vancouver, but that was before they were fished out in the 1960s.

Starting in 1997, with Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s permission, Dr. Marliave and his team began transplanting some young ones that were caught off Ucluelet in 1996. Today, they’re seeing these transplants’ babies hiding among boulders off the Point Atkinson cliff faces.

In ten years, who knows? We just might see black rockfish hiding among boulders and kelp all over Howe Sound and the Vancouver Harbour – now, THAT would be priceless!




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