Vancouver Aquarium’s president and CEO Dr. John Nightingale welcomes the Aquarium’s founding director, Dr. Murray A. Newman, after whom the award is named


Excellence in aquatic research, conservation and communication was celebrated last night during Vancouver Aquarium’s Murray A. Newman dinner gala, where more than 80 people gathered to honour research scientist Frank Whitney, The Canadian Okanagan Basin Technical Working Group, and broadcast reporter Linda Aylesworth, who were all presented with this prestigious award.

The annual Vancouver Aquarium Murray A. Newman awards dinner is a unique opportunity to celebrate passion and dedication as well as significant contributions to the conservation of aquatic life made by remarkable individuals. This year’s recipients are known to be making a difference in our world and greatly contributing to the advancement of aquatic science and marine conservation.

Frank Whitney – Murray A. Newman Award for Significant Achievement in Aquatic Research

Mr. Whitney recently retired from the position of research scientist at Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s Institute for Ocean Sciences. Throughout his career he conducted groundbreaking research in the importance of iron as a nutrient for promoting phytoplankton growth, the role of ocean circulation patterns in redistributing marine nutrients and the impacts of changing ocean circulation patterns on deep sea oxygen concentrations. During his “retirement” he has continued to generate remarkable insight into major oceanographic issues of national and global significance.

Research Scientist Frank Whitney at the 2012 Murray A. Newman Awards (Photo Credit: Vancouver Aquarium)

The Canadian Okanagan Basin Technical Working Group – Murray A. Newman Award for Significant Achievement in Aquatic Conservation

Dr. Kim Hyatt, Brian Symonds, Steve Matthews, Clint Alexander and Howie Wright, aided by Rick Klinge and Tom Khaler, comprise the Canadian Okanagan Basin Technical Working Group. The group addresses technical issues associated with the management of fish stocks and their habitat requirements in the Canadian portions of the Okanagan River basin. Using their innovative approaches to water management, the team is responsible for the soaring number of sockeye salmon returning to the Okanagan lake system.


The Canadian Okanagan Basin Technical Working Group Accepts their 2012 Murray A. Newman Award

Linda AylesworthMurray A. Newman Award for Significant Achievement in Science Communication

Ms. Aylesworth has an outstanding record of achievement as a director and reporter for Global BC. As an award-winning journalist specializing in health, science and environmental reporting, she has earned a reputation for balanced, fair reporting on a wide range of vital environmental issues associated with aquatic conservation.

Linda Aylesworth, Global TV news reporter, provides a few remarks at the 2012 Murray A. Newman awards gala

The Murray A. Newman Awards were established as a tribute to Dr. Murray Newman, the founding director of the Vancouver Aquarium. When Dr. Newman retired in 1993, his friends and colleagues came together to recognize his contribution to public awareness and understanding of the aquatic world. Their hope is to create a long and lasting endowment for the Vancouver Aquarium for years to come.



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