Add a new element of fun and discovery to your next visit to the Vancouver Aquarium with our new mobile app, Snappz: Vancouver AquariumClick here to download Snappz: Vancouver Aquarium to your iOS device.

Snappz: Vancouver Aquarium is an interactive treasure hunt game designed in collaboration with our content experts to deliver a fun and educational experience that features our aquatic animals.

The game is played on the iPhone, iPod (4th gen) or iPad during your Aquarium visit (an Android version is coming soon). To play the game, you must find up to 25 “Snappz Tags” that have been strategically placed throughout the Aquarium – some are easy to spot and some are hidden.

Once you find a Snappz Tag, use the Snappz app to scan the special code and unlock an interactive challenge. These challenges correspond to the exhibit where the tag is located and are designed to highlight unique aquatic life and special exhibits found in the Vancouver Aquarium.

Finding Snappz Tags and completing challenges allows you to earn the rank of “Seeker” to “Explorer” or “Adventurer” and claim your take home reward in the SubShop, located on the lower level of the Aquarium. Are you up to the challenge?

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