The Vancouver Aquarium’s AquaVan, presented by BC Hydro, is at “home” in Vancouver for a short while before it hits the road again. This short vacation has enabled AquaVan to accept an invitation to be a part of National Aboriginal Day celebrations today at the Musqueam Indian Band offices in South Vancouver.

National Aboriginal Day is a day to commemorate the heritage, culture, and traditions of First Nations groups such as the Musqueam people, who are organizing today’s event. The Aquarium’s AquaVan, as well as its mascot Bee Bop and the street team, is thrilled to be part of this celebration and to help raise awareness of our connection to ocean life. The Aquarium and its First Nations neighbours share the same commitment to protect the natural world for future generations.

Today is a day when we can recognize the long history of the Musqueam and other Coast Salish neighbours, whose descendants have lived in the Lower Mainland area for thousands of years, and Aboriginal people across Canada. All of us who live in this area share a common land, ecosystem, and future. The diverse marine life and environment that we all enjoy needs our protection. As a conservation organization, the Aquarium is committed to educating future generations about ways we can all help to conserve the natural world.

National Aboriginal Day is featuring live entertainment, a salmon barbeque lunch, local artists, crafts, and vendors, and activities for all ages. Click here for more information about the event.


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