The room was abuzz with curious energy, as the AquaCampers in grades 1-2 – the “Underwater Adventurers” camp – wrapped up another fun-filled day at AquaCamp. One of the campers, Olivia, said that her favourite part of the day was going to the beach to pick up and learn about seashells. But another camper, Maya, pointed excitedly to watercoloured fish art that the class had created that day, including her own. The day’s activities seemed as varied as the watercolours themselves.

This year, AquaCamp began on July 2 and will go through August 31. AquaCamp, open to students entering grades K through 8 this fall, are filled with hands-on activities, animal observations, crafts and outdoor recreation to fully engage campers in an environment that encourages active learning. Children will learn about local and exotic animals, life cycles, food webs, adaptations, ecosystems and sustainability. Many of the lessons will also support what they learn in their classrooms.

Every week is filled with a variety of activities ranging from crafts, games, scavenger hunts, puppet shows, dissections, beach walks and of course, Aquarium gallery exploration. Some of Vancouver Aquarium’s resident experts come to visit the campers, sharing their knowledge while engaging and inspiring them.

Campers also visit the Aquarium’s wet lab to explore, learn about, and even touch live invertebrate animals – it’s essentially a “wet classroom.” Depending on the camp, campers may even conduct exploratory experiments with the animals to broaden their knowledge and get the chance to conduct some of their own science. Throughout the summer, campers learn a whole lot about the different animals at the Aquarium and their importance in the natural world.

If you still haven’t had a chance to plan out your childrens’ summer yet, AquaCamp registration is still open for certain classes in late July and August!  AquaCamps run through August 31, so click here to learn about which classes are still available for enrollment, and sign up online for a week of aquatic adventures and educational experiences that your child will remember for a lifetime.

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