Did you know that October 4 is World Animal Day? Since 1931, World Animal Day has been celebrated around the world. While the day is dedicated to all animals, special attention is given to species that are endangered or threatened in the wild.

At Vancouver Aquarium, we host many animals that fall into these categories.

Although our Goeldi’s marmosets just expanded their group by one cute little baby, their population is declining worldwide. Goeldi’s marmosets depend on trees to survive. Their homeland, the Upper Amazon region, is being deforested and the species’ future is uncertain.

African penguins, which you can see at Penguin Point, are listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Ninety per cent of them have disappeared since the early 1900s, mainly due to overfishing.

The Oregon spotted frog is another vanishing species we are keeping an eye on. This frog, which used to be abundant in the Lower Mainland, has disappeared from 90 per cent of its range. The Vancouver Aquarium was the first Aquarium ever to successfully breed these frogs, and we released 2,500 tadpoles back into a local wetland in 2011. We also teamed up with Earth Rangers  to increase the population of the Oregon spotted frog in Aldergrove Lake Regional Regional Park, British Columbia.

To learn more about conservation, visit the Vancouver Aquarium on World Animal Day or any day of the year!

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