If you live near the water, you might already know about the “king tides,” which are unusually high tides that occur twice a year, but most dramatically in the winter. The height of these high tides are increasing every year as a result of climate change and rise in sea level – and what were once harmless tides are beginning to have an impact on community resources and infrastructures. These king tides allow us to temporarily visualize what normal sea level may look like in the future.

In order to raise awareness about the rise in sea levels and its future implications, LiveSmart BC, an initiative of the B.C. Ministry of Environment, is holding a photo initiative to help people better understand this important issue.

You can participate in this initiative by taking “before and after” photos of shorelines that are prone to floods and erosions during king tides to show the potential damages and risks rising sea levels can bring. Capturing familiar land marks, such as beaches, parks and sea walls, during king tides can help you and others to clearly see the impact of high water levels.

LiveSmart BC will profile and feature the best shots on their website and materials.

For more information on the initiative and for further instructions on how to participate, please visit this page.

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