By Nicole Cann, Vancouver Aquarium’s manager of interpretive delivery

In case you’re wondering who Scuba Claus is, you’re in for a treat – Scuba Claus visits the Aquarium every year to swim merrily amongst the halibut, rockfish, sturgeon and sea stars. Few staff members ever have the opportunity to act as Scuba Claus, and I couldn’t be happier that I’m one of them. Dressing up in Santa’s suit and diving as Scuba Claus is truly one of the best moments of my Aquarium career!

There’s something truly magical about Scuba Claus – the awe on children’s faces when they see him for the first time; the laughter of adults who realize he’s really going to jump in the water; the unbridled joy that abounds after you give him a high five through the glass…every aspect of the Scuba Claus experience is just unbelievable. I wish I could do it every day!

I will admit that there’s a lot of work involved in portraying Scuba Claus. It’s really hot in that suit! First there’s your bathing suit, next your scuba suit (some of the other Scuba Clauses wear a dry suit, but I prefer a wetsuit myself), then you put the Santa suit on top of that and THEN you still have to put on all of your diving gear such as your weight belt and your BCD (that’s a buoyancy control device for any non-divers out there). The whole preparation process is exhausting, but of course it’s all worth it when you step out into that crowd and they look like all of their holiday wishes have come true. The funniest part for me is when I try to get out of the water, because with all of the extra material on me, there is absolutely no way I can do it on my own! This past weekend it took three staff members to pull Scuba Claus out of the water.

Scuba Claus is only here for a couple more weekends, so be sure to visit him soon! Scuba Claus will be diving this weekend, as well as between Dec. 21-24. Visit our daily schedule for more information on Scuba Claus, as well as other activities and programs.


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