Leading aquatic researcher Dr. Peter Ross and aquatic conservationist Chef Robert Clark were recognized last evening at the 18th annual Murray A. Newman Awards for their invaluable contributions to the conservation of Western North American aquatic ecosystems.

The Murray A. Newman Awards are a prestigious recognition of the ground-breaking accomplishments of B.C. researchers and conservationists in the advancement of aquatic science and marine conservation. Through their research and conservation efforts, the contributions of this year’s recipients, Dr. Peter Ross and Chef Rob Clark, are resulting in positive and life-preserving changes for the marine ecosystems of B.C. and beyond.

More information on these well-deserving honourees is below:

Dr. Peter Ross Murray A. Newman Award for Significance Achievement in Aquatic Research

Dr. Peter Ross was presented last evening with the Murray A. Newman Award for Significant Achievement in Aquatic Research. Photo credit: Lindsay Elliott.

Photo credit: Lindsay Elliott.

A leading scientist in the field of marine mammal ecotoxicology, Dr. Ross was the first to document the high levels of contaminants in the tissue of West coast killer whales, bringing this issue to the forefront of conservation concerns about the species. A globally respected leader in his field, Dr. Ross has conducted numerous innovative studies in this field.



Chef Robert Clark Murray A. Newman Award for Significance Achievement in Aquatic Conservation

Chef Robert Clark was presented last evening with the Award for aquatic conservation for his committed work in seafood sustainability. Photo credit: Lindsay Elliott.

Photo credit: Lindsay Elliott.

Chef Robert Clark has been recognized for his outstanding contribution to the advocacy of sustainable seafood throughout his award-winning culinary career. Since serving as the founding chef partner of the Vancouver Aquarium’s national seafood sustainability program, Ocean Wise (oceanwise.ca) in 2004, Chef Clark has been continuously active in contributing to the conservation of our marine life and aquatic environments as an Ocean Wise ambassador.

The Murray A. Newman Award is presented annually to celebrate significant aquatic research and conservation work conducted in B.C., or by B.C. residents. The Awards were established as a tribute to Dr. Murray Newman, the founding director of the Vancouver Aquarium. When Dr. Newman retired in 1993, his friends and colleagues came together to recognize his contribution to public awareness and understanding of the aquatic world. Their hope is to create a long and lasting endowment for the Vancouver Aquarium for years to come.

For more information about the annual Awards, please visit here.


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