If you’re looking for something fun to do on February 11 for Family Day, bring your family down to the Vancouver Aquarium to meet ours!

We are extending our hours from February 9 – 11 to give guests more time to visit with our animals, explore our galleries and experience our stunning new exhibit launching on February 7: The Secret World of Sharks and Rays.

The Aquarium is home to many families. Come and see our majestic beluga whales, Aurora and Qila, a mother-daughter duo, in the Canada’s Arctic habitat. After that, stroll over to Penguin Point and see if you can tell which two sets of these flightless birds are siblings. Then, get out of the cold and visit our friendly family of marmosets in the Graham Amazon Gallery and watch as they run and play together.

Whatever you do, don’t miss our new feature, The Secret World of Sharks and Rays, which launches February 7! Discover the amazing lifestyles of sharks and their cousins –skates, rays and ratfishes. Learn about the sharks that call the waters of British Columbia home, from the common Pacific spiny dogfish to the endangered basking shark and the rarely seen thresher shark, in our Pacific Canada Pavilion.

In the Tropic Zone and Graham Amazon Gallery, see if you can spot a secretive shark called the tasseled wobbegong, a stealthy bluespotted stingray with periscope eyes, and a beautiful zebra shark swimming alongside two elegant leopard whiprays.

Get comfortable in the Vancouver Aquarium’s Goldcorp 4-D Theatre, featuring BBC Earth’s The Great Salmon Run, which was filmed on the beautiful coast of British Columbia, and get creative in Craft Corner, where your little ones can decorate a coral reef or a tie-dye style stingray!

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