Recently, a group of third-graders at Capilano Elementary read about the fact that some populations of belugas are endangered, and realized that they wanted to help. But what could a group of eight year-olds do? After discussing their options, they decided they could make a positive difference by raising money for an organization that is doing work to help the whales. In the end, they chose to support the Vancouver Aquarium.

But how would they raise money? With a book sale of course! Each day for two weeks, third graders Ocean, Liam, Kara, Carter and Thomas, assisted by Thomas’ little sister Allie singing “Baby Beluga,” went door-to-door to all the various classrooms asking for book donations and informing everyone about the sale. They also made morning announcements and put up posters around the school. By the time the day of the book sale arrived, the children had managed to collect 500 gently used books.

The book sale, which was supported by the teachers and staff at Capilano Elementary, was held over one day during recess, lunch and after school. Thanks to everyone’s dedication and hard work, more than 400 of the books were sold, and $433.50 was raised for the Vancouver Aquarium.

Many thanks and appreciation to Ocean, Liam, Kara, Carter, Thomas and Allie for their creative and generous support.

Each year, Vancouver Aquarium scientists, research associates and staff conduct and participate in important research on species in Canada’s Arctic that are as diverse as belugas, narwhals, Arctic cod, killer whales and invertebrates. If you’d like to help us in our mission to conserve aquatic life, you can donate today.


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