Ever wonder how to prepare flavourful, beautiful ocean-friendly seafood dishes that will wow your family, friends, and guests?

Last fall, Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise, our national seafood sustainability initiative, had the fortunate opportunity to host seafood cooking demonstrations conducted by some of its top chefs in Toronto at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, an Ocean Wise restaurant partner. They provided some great tips and recipe ideas that could easily be replicated by home cooks.

To kick things off in style, Lirad Kligman of Neptuno Oysters demonstrated a safe way to shuck oysters, as well as how to prepare them as delicious appetizers. He used Ocean Wise recommended kumamoto oysters as part of his demonstration:


Next, Kristin Donovan of Hooked Inc demonstrated a succulent way to prepare Ocean Wise recommended lake fish – in this case, pickerel – using fresh seasonal vegetables, sauce, butter and seasonings folded into parchment paper and baked:


And as a great ending to a mouth-watering event, Taylor McMeekin, former chef du cuisine at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen and current chef du cuisine at Air Canada Club, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, showed how to butcher and deliciously stuff a whole Ocean Wise recommended rainbow trout:


Many thanks to our Ocean Wise demonstrators for their pearls of wisdom for the kitchen!

For any home cooks who prepare seafood, it’s always a great idea to support sustainability with your wallets by purchasing ocean-friendly seafood from Ocean Wise partners. Look for the Ocean Wise symbol anywhere where you buy or enjoy seafood. For a list of Ocean Wise partners, visit oceanwise.ca, or download the Ocean Wise iPhone app.

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