Looking for romance this Valentine’s Day? You may not have to look much further than the Vancouver Aquarium, which is teeming with sea animals that woo, mate, and romance. For example, did you know that African penguins (Spheniscus demersus) is a typically monogamous species that mates for life, and even returns to the same nesting site each year? Visit our penguins at Penguin Point and learn more about their mating habits.

Or wander over to The Wild Coast exhibit and spend some time with our harbour seals. Males of this species compete for females by putting on aquatic displays and making underwater vocalizations. If you have more than one valentine this year, you’re not alone. Male Steller sea lions love the ladies, and have many different female partners during a single mating season!

Or spend some time at the Frogs Forever? exhibit where most male frogs makes a distinctive mating call to attract females. Well, that’s one way to put yourself out there.

Scrambling for last-minute plans for your sweetheart? This year, give your valentine a unique gift you can enjoy with them! Take in the beauty of our new feature, The Secret World of Sharks and Rays, which just opened on Feb. 7. Stroll through the new exhibits, catch one of the shows or check out some of our new residents. Finish the day cuddled up in our Goldcorp 4-D Theatre, featuring The BBC’s Great Salmon Run, which was filmed on the beautiful coast of British Columbia.

For more information on our exhibits and daily show times, please visit our website.

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