If you happened to walk along the Stanley Park seawall recently during high-tide, you may have been surprised to notice a shark fin peeking above the water. But you can rest easy – the shark fin was actually part of a clever marketing campaign to raise awareness of the Vancouver Aquarium’s seasonal feature, The Secret World of Sharks and Rays.

The shark fin is part of a larger tidal sign that was installed 40 feet from Vancouver’s busy Stanley Park seawall early last  Wednesday morning. During high tide, only the shark fin appears above the water:

Resized high-tide fin only

But if you stick around long enough for the tides to recede (several hours), you will see that the shark fin is attached to a large tidal sign highlighting the Aquarium’s new feature:

Resized low-tide entire sign

Now that you’re breathing again, here’s a bit more information about The Secret World of Sharks and Rays, on now through April 30. This is the first seasonal feature of its kind at the Aquarium, and it’s the perfect opportunity for you, your friends, and loved ones to explore the Aquarium’s galleries and discover the amazing lifestyles of sharks and, their cousins, the majestic rays. You can also learn about the hunting strategies, survival techniques and incredible adaptations of these fascinating fishes, and the issues that threaten them.

This is a one-of-a-kind feature that you won’t want to miss! For more information, you can visit vanaqua.org.

The advertising agency behind this stunt, TAXI Vancouver, developed a creative time-lapse video that shows the effect of the tides on the sign, and the reaction of passer-bys:





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