When Ocean Wise chef partner Ned Bell of YEW restaurant + bar sets out to accomplish something, giving less than a full effort is simply not an option. From working his culinary skills in the kitchen, to supporting the health of our oceans, he goes after everything he sets his eyes on with gusto and enthusiasm.

For Chef Ned Bell, an Okanagan native, Wine for Waves is a chance to revisit his roots.

For Chef Ned Bell, an Okanagan native, Wine for Waves is a chance to revisit his roots.

This is one reason why we are so excited that Ned and his restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver is a participating Ocean Wise partner at the upcoming Wine for Waves event, presented by Vancouver Aquarium and the Naramata Bench Wineries Association. The event will be held on April 26 at Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver and offer guests a first taste of spring release wines from the Naramata Bench, one of Canada’s premier grape-growing regions. Guests will also enjoy delicious culinary offerings from participating restaurants and a silent auction featuring exclusive prize packages and fine wines from the Bench. All proceeds will benefit Ocean Wise, the Aquarium’s national sustainable seafood program.

For this Okanagan native, Wine for Waves is an opportunity to go back to his roots – and to create a seafood masterpiece that will complement the event’s Naramata Bench wines. Ned’s plans include an ambitious, interactive, eye-catching seafood tower consisting of Ocean Wise seafood. Servers will also be engaging with guests as they prepare and serve tasty bites from the one-of-a-kind tower.

“Wine and seafood go really well together, and are a huge part of our culinary culture,” says Ned. “My goal is to create the most exciting seafood tower you’ve ever seen. Visually, it’s going to be stunning, and the featured seafood will all be sourced from our sustainable suppliers.”

Ned’s passion for excellence extends into his commitment to healthy oceans: “Ocean Wise and seafood sustainability has been something I’ve cared about for a long time, and since coming to Four Seasons, I’ve brought that passion here. Our guests are asking more and more questions about where their seafood is coming from, and chefs and restaurants need to be accountable to these concerns. For this event, and every day, protecting the health of our oceans is a number one priority.”

Besides witnessing what will most surely be an amazing seafood tower, Ned also knows that Wine for Waves will be a unique event unlike any other. “Wine for Waves event is not just another food and wine event – it’s going to showcase the best of two local treasures,  ‘the Bench’ and the oceans. Some of our most celebrated wines and winemakers come from Naramata Bench, and I’m excited for the opportunity to take what they do best, and pair it with the best of the oceans.”

Wine for Waves is one event you won’t want to miss. For more information or to purchase tickets (which are going quickly), visit here.

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