A delegation of four Vancouver high school students traveled to Washington, D.C. last week to represent the Vancouver Aquarium – and to serve as the only Canadian delegation – at the 4th annual Student Summit on the Ocean and Coasts, led by The Coastal America Partnership. Joined by Vancouver Aquarium staff and 80 other delegates, teachers and aquarium staff from Mexico and the United States, students skillfully crafted a proclamation for the oceans that was delivered to the Canadian Embassy, Mexican Embassy, U.S. Congressional Representatives and the President of the United States of America. What was their message?

“We are the generation of change. Our choices will determine the future of our ocean and, consequently, our planet. We recognize that, no matter where we come from, we must combine our strengths and work together. We have an obligation to take action in our communities to protect and conserve the environment and to embolden others with the power and knowledge to do the same. Through our continuous efforts, we will strive to fulfill our vision of an ocean that sustains a healthy and biodiverse ecosystem, is a responsibly managed part of the global economy, and continues to be a source of beauty and inspiration for future generations.”

This summer, you will find the delegates from Vancouver working to raise awareness of the increasing amount of noise in our oceans and the impact it is having on our marine life. Look for these these delegates in the Vancouver Aquarium’s galleries this summer.

Join the Vancouver Aquarium in its efforts to conserve aquatic life.  Visit our website here for ways you can get involved.

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