Providing outstanding customer service on a consistent basis can be a challenging task that often goes unnoticed. In 1989, the Vancouver Tourism Awards Program was established to recognize accomplishments of front-line staff at key visitor destinations in the greater Vancouver area. The program receives an average of more than 210 nominations each month, which speaks to the popularity of the program.

We are proud to announce that two Vancouver Aquarium employees have won the January and February 2013 Vancouver Tourism Awards. Mike VanderHeide and Alexis Scigliano represent the fourth pair from the same organization to win back-to-back awards in 24 years.

Nominated in January, Mike was recognized for his helpful and compassionate actions towards a woman and his grandson visiting from the Yukon. Leaving the Aquarium during their visit, the guests noticed that their bag, containing two newly purchased stuffed-animal sharks, was missing. Mike offered to help find the bag, but when the search ended, the guests were unfortunately still empty-handed. Mike allowed the grandson to pick out the same two shark stuffed animals that had gone missing without having to pay for them again.

Alexis was nominated in February for her eager and accommodating assistance when a visitor’s car broke down in a parking lot near the Aquarium. Alexis provided the guest with a phone so that the guest could contact her insurance company in the U.S.A., researched a reputable car mechanic near the guest’s hotel, and provided them a pass to enjoy the Aquarium while waiting for the tow truck to arrive.

Today, a presentation was held to recognize Mike and Alexis for their exceptional customer service. Congratulations to both of them on their awards!

The first recipient to win a Tourism Award from the Vancouver Aquarium was in June 1995, an employee who worked in the Clamshell gift shop.


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  1. Shauna Farrell

    Congratulations! It is no surprise to me that members of the Aquarium staff have been recognized for exemplary customer service. I am also glad to see the Aquarium supporting the employees’ decisions to provide these “extras” to their customers in order to provide a positive experience.


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