Did you know that jellyfishes poop out of their mouths? Or that they are composed of 95 per cent water? Surprisingly, these brainless, heartless creatures are proliferating, and some say they are poised to “take over” the oceans. You can find out more about these fascinating and graceful creatures during Jelly Invasion, a new seasonal feature launching today at the Vancouver Aquarium.

During Jelly Invasion, the Aquarium will be home to over 15 species of jellyfishes from around the globe. Visit the Aquarium to see rare jellyfish species, like the lion’s mane jelly (Cyanea capillata), which can grow tentacles that reach 60.5 metres, making it the largest type of jellyfish in the world, and the red-eye medusa (Polyorchis penicillatus), which hails from the Pacific Coast waters.

Get an up-close experience of the “gardener” upside-down jelly (Cassiopeia xamachana), which uses photosynthesis to produce its food, and the blue (Catostylus mosaicus) and spotted (Mastigias papua) jellies of the warm Indo-Pacific waters. You’ll also get a chance to see year-round favourites like the Pacific sea nettles (Chrysaora fuscescens) and moon jellies (Aurelia aurita).

Jellyfish blooms are an intriguing phenomenon that occurs when an unusually large number of jellyfish are found in one area. Some researchers say these blooms are happening more and more frequently. Visitors will learn about the potential causes of “smacks” and “swarms” and the effects they have on marine ecosystems.

Be sure to catch our new show, Jelly Deli, and try these delicacies for yourself. Jellyfish are an Ocean Wise™ sustainable seafood choice and make a popular dish in some regions of the world. Play “The Jelly Factor” and show off your jellyfish knowledge. If you’re brave enough, drop by the Sting Station, where you can learn how to prevent yourself from being stung by a jellyfish and what to do if you are (the solution might not be what you think).

Before you leave for the day, make sure you drop by Craft Corner with your little ones, so that they can create their very own jellyfish masterpiece.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of Jelly Invasion, starting on May 16. Visit our website to learn more.

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