“Overfishing places an incredible strain on the world’s resources and the health of our oceans.  If everyone chose Ocean Wise™ seafood for their dietary and nutritional needs, together we could make a big difference.”

This was the message of the New Chapter team to guests on Sunday, April 13 at a celebration at the Vancouver Aquarium of its recent partnership with Ocean Wise, the Aquarium’s national sustainable seafood initiative. Ann-Marie Copping, the Aquarium’s Ocean Wise manager and a speaker for the evening, expressed her gratitude to New Chapter for the company’s commitment to using Ocean Wise recommended seafood in its Wholemega® Fish Oil. Disa Pratt, General Manager, New Chapter Canada, Inc., echoed the importance of the shared mission to preserve and protect our oceans.

The oil used in New Chapter’s Wholemega Fish Oil is sustainably sourced from the trimmings of wild salmon that are already caught for food consumption and other purposes. This eliminates the need to catch additional salmon to produce the oil, which is derived from valuable unused parts of the fish. In addition, Wholemega is made from 100 per cent Wild Alaskan Salmon from well-managed fisheries cited as worldwide models of sustainability.

The goal of the event at the Vancouver Aquarium was to bring together partners who share the mission to preserve and protect our oceans. The Ocean Wise team welcomed the New Chapter folks in their commitment to a common vision: a sustainable world, where aquatic life is diverse and flourishing.

You can also make a difference for our oceans. Look for the Ocean Wise symbol wherever you choose to enjoy seafood for Vancouver Aquarium’s assurance of an ocean-friendly choice. The free Ocean Wise iPhone app provides partner locations where you are, as well as recommendations for sustainable seafood choices.

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