You may notice their trucks driving through town, delivering fresh seafood to restaurant and retail businesses throughout Western Canada. If you’ve eaten seafood at high-profile restaurants, or bought seafood at a retail or fish market in the western part of the country, chances are you’ve rubbed elbows with seafood distributed by Albion Fisheries Ltd., a founding Ocean Wise supplier partner and Western Canada’s largest seafood distributor.

Albion has had quite a long history, working in seafood distribution for the past 50 years or so. Recently, this past January, Albion opened a new distribution centre in Richmond, B.C., in addition to the facilities they already have in Victoria, Calgary and Haida Gwaii.

As founding supplier partner, Albion carries approximately 750 Ocean Wise recommended seafood items, ranging from prawns to shellfish to sablefish and Arctic char.

“We’ve taken sustainability seriously, and we’re focused on continuously improving. It’s our intent to constantly increase the number of sustainable seafood options, and to convert unsustainable products to sustainable,” says Guy Dean, vice president and chief sustainability officer at Albion. Guy notes that the company works with fisheries to continuously make strides towards improved sustainability, and collaborate with their suppliers to help them practice sustainable methods of catching and harvesting seafood.

But Albion’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t end there – they also work to implement sustainable measures in their operations. They have an internal green team, reduce non-recyclable packaging, have eliminated all paper cups and Styrofoam in their facilities, only use real ceramic and glass, and have created ride-share programs for employees. Guy also says that Albion has a water management system that circulates water through a separate piping system so it doesn’t go into sewers and get dumped into our waterways. Recaptured water goes into the ground instead.

The company’s new facility in Richmond is the first of theirs to have a thermo-plastic white roof, which doesn’t trap heat like standard roofs, and therefore reduces the amount of energy needed to cool the facility. And the energy Albion uses to cool their facility is re-circulated through their system to heat various projects.

Internal view of Albion's new Richmond facility. Photo credit: Albion Fisheries Ltd.

Internal view of Albion’s new Richmond facility. Photo credit: Albion Fisheries Ltd.

Albion has also been a huge supporter of Ocean Wise initiatives to raise awareness across Western Canada of sustainable seafood and overfishing issues. To learn more about Albion and its commitment to sustainability, visit its website.

You can also make a difference for our oceans. Look for the Ocean Wise symbol wherever you choose to enjoy seafood for Vancouver Aquarium’s assurance of an ocean-friendly choice. The free Ocean Wise iPhone app also provides partner locations where you are, as well as recommendations for sustainable seafood choices. For more information, visit Ocean Wise’s website.


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