The Vancouver Aquarium invites all SCUBA divers to participate in its annual Rockfish Abundance Survey.

Conservation of B.C.’s inshore rockfish species is a serious matter, owing to their slow maturation, longevity and small home territories. Through this diver survey, we hope to collect data that can help us determine how many rockfish there are, where they live and how this information might change over time.

Participating is simple if you SCUBA dive with a video camera, and are able to capture video of rockfish. Our fish research team can train you to identify and count rockfish from your footage, or you can simply send your video to us and we’ll do the counting.

As an example of how you’d count rockfish in any video you capture, watch the video below, and count how many of each different kind of rockfish you see. Then watch the second half of the video for the actual count.


This year’s survey runs from August – October 2013. For more information, visit our website, email [email protected], or call 604-659-3780.


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