Layla Osberg from Blenz is one crafty barista. With this incredibly detailed and elegant latte design, she stole the hearts of voters with her jelly-inspired creation, during the Vancouver Aquarium’s Jelly Invasion Latte Art Contest.

Taking their creative cues from the Vancouver Aquarium’s latest seasonal feature, Jelly Invasion, some of the city’s most artistic baristas have been busy creating latte-art masterpieces. Known for the intricate designs they swirl into foam, local baristas were invited by the Vancouver Aquarium to add jellyfish to the mix, as a fun way to showcase the beauty of jellies.

Osberg showcases her magical latte creation.

Osberg showcases her magical latte creation.

Although their choice was no doubt difficult due to an exceptionally stunning group of submissions, voters ultimately gave the nod to Osberg’s intricate jelly-infused design.

Jellyfish are among the Aquarium’s most photographed creatures because of their luminous bodies and the graceful, balletic quality of their movements. There are more than 15 different species currently on display at the Aquarium’s Jelly Invasion exhibit, many of which provided inspiration for our imaginative baristas.

Don’t miss your chance to be inspired by Jelly Invasion, on until November 12, 2013.

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