Join us for the next After Hours, our adults-only evening, and learn about “The Secret Sex Lives of Animals.” Grab a glass of wine or beer and groove through the galleries while funky tunes remind you that this is no ordinary day at the Aquarium!

Settle in for a fascinating sex-themed talk by our veterinarian, Dr. Martin Haulena. Wild sex: things you may not have wanted to know–reproduction in aquatic animals,” explores the sex lives of the animals we know and love, including otters, coral, stingrays and more!

After Hours also includes an interactive learning show with live animals in the Amazon gallery, and a seahorse-romance program to catch up on your aquatic-mating knowledge.

Once Dr. Haulena has piqued your interest in the sex lives of animals, stroll through our galleries and explore the beautiful stars of Jelly Invasion. There are 15 different species of jellyfishes from all over the globe on exhibit, including the lion’s mane, a jellyfish whose tentacles can grow to the length of five public transit buses parked end to end (60 metres long); the upside-down jellyfish, which care for the algae growing in their tissues by always flipping upside down; and the translucent comb jelly, a fierce predator of other comb jellies found in our cooler local waters.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the Vancouver Aquarium while the kids are fast asleep.

Avoid disappointment and purchase your tickets now. Tickets are available here. Tickets will not be available for sale at the door. Food, wine and beer will be available for purchase during After Hours.

*19+ Event, Photo ID is required for entry.

Alcohol purchase is available ONLY with the purchase of food.


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