At the Vancouver Aquarium, your experience is our top priority. In fact, we have a team whose primary purpose is to help make your visit a memorable, fun and unique experience. How do we do that, you may ask? A lot of team work and a stellar team of duty managers, who are responsible for ensuring that Aquarium operations go smoothly each and every day, and provide support to the frontline staff and volunteers.

Here is a typical day in the life of a duty manager: it all starts before the Aquarium opens its doors with our daily “hotsheet meeting” when all of the frontline volunteers and staff – from grounds attendants to security and admissions – meet to prepare for the day.

Each morning begins with duty managers and frontline staff convening for the daily "hotsheet meeting."

Each morning begins with duty managers and frontline staff convening for the daily “hotsheet meeting.”

This is our chance to connect and review animal, program and schedules updates. After the meeting, it is time for the morning rounds, when we walk through all of the galleries to make sure everything is ready for the day. From lights to cleanliness, signage and more, everything needs to be in its place before we open.

Once the Aquarium opens its doors, the day of a duty manager is never the same, but no matter what the day brings, all staff and volunteers – from café and gift shop to animal care and engineers – work closely together to make sure your visit goes as smoothly as possible. Duty managers might receive a variety of calls ranging from an animal being moved behind the scenes, to an exhibit closure, to a first aid call, to a new program being added or a to specific customer service issue.

The visitor concerns are our moment to shine. Although we try our best to ensure that each and every visitor has a smooth and fun experience, there are times when we do not meet someone’s expectations. When we get such a call, we always try our best to turn the situation around for our visitors and learn from the experience and feedback.

Add in afternoon gallery and parking lot rounds, show checks, gallery traffic flow and other little details, and you have a full duty manager day! It is certainly never boring at the Aquarium and it is true for the duty team too. The best part? Watching our visitors leaving with lasting memories and a huge smile on their face. That’s how we know we all did our job right.

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