Here at the Aquarium, we are fortunate to have so many passionate and committed supporters – both close to home and around the world. Among the most passionate, are donors who are also members. Wendy Burt is a wonderful example of this. Wendy has been a member since 2010. That year, her aunt gave her some money in lieu of a birthday present. Wendy wanted to be able to tell her aunt a story about how she spent the gift – and so she decided to buy an Aquarium membership. That day, she watched one of the beluga shows from the Splash Zone, and sent her aunt a photo of being spit on by one of the whales. Her aunt loved it!

Membership enables Wendy to spend as much or as little time here as she wants – she doesn’t feel rushed to see everything all in one visit. And because watching our animals makes her happy and relaxed, and because she learns something new every time she comes here, Wendy visits often. She is so grateful to our staff for always answering her questions and likes the fact that there is always something new to see.

Late last year, Wendy made her first ever gift to the Aquarium. When she was asked what inspired her to give, Wendy said, “my aunt passed away last year, and I wanted to honour the memory of the woman who got me started at the Aquarium.”

Wendy believes very strongly in the work that we do and gives because she believes we are a worthwhile cause and that all the animals here are innocent and need our support.

As a self-sustaining non-profit dedicated to the conservation of aquatic life, we rely on the generosity of donors like Wendy. We thank Wendy and all the other donors who enable us to further our mission and contribute positively to the world around us.

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