The Vancouver Aquarium welcomes over one million visitors annually, and while we pride ourselves on welcoming people from all walks of life, a large group coming through our doors includes visitors with children in tow. Parents, grandparents and caregivers have identified the Aquarium as a family-friendly place where everyone in their group can have a special experience.

For the Interpretive Delivery team, offering informative and family-friendly programming is a top priority. And that’s one of many reasons why the Aquarium is a great place to visit on B.C. Family Day coming up on February 10.

All year round, one of the first programs of the day offered to visitors is the Family Program. This is one of the few shows involving more than one staff member, and it’s a chance for us to sing and dance with our audience, read stories and introduce a wide range of puppets as part of our working day.

While this may sound like child’s play (which is an oddly appropriate phrase in this instance), the prospect of engaging an audience of youngsters can be quite daunting to some. If children lose interest, they will move on to something more interesting, so it can be challenging to find activities that will keep kids of all age groups interested. Ensuring there are program elements that meet the expectations of our audience is part of the planning that goes into the daily Family Program; however, when working with children, one has to be prepared to change things early and often. If our audience says, “let’s sing that again!” – we’re happy to oblige.

Beyond the Family Program, the Interpretive Delivery team also manages a host of volunteers who lead activities for youngsters and the young at heart.  Face painting, touch pools, arts and crafts and story time are a few examples of what is offered.

While these programs are ultimately geared towards children, adult participation is certainly allowed and encouraged. Because if you’re happy and you know it, we want to hear you clap your hands too!

Check out our daily show schedule to find out when Family Programs and other programming is scheduled each day.




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