“What is your favourite Ocean Wise seafood item?”

“Dungeness crab. In my family, it was always eaten on special occasions, like birthdays and anniversaries, so it brings back good memories. Plus, it’s sweeter and lighter than lobster meat.”

If anyone knows ocean-friendly seafood, it’s Teddie Geach, Ocean Wise Account Representative at the Vancouver Aquarium. She says her job is the perfect combination of her two main interests: environmental science, which she studied at the University of Toronto, and food (she admits that she is a bit of a foodie).

B.C. spot prawns are an Ocean Wise recommended ocean-friendly choice.

B.C. spot prawns are an Ocean Wise recommended ocean-friendly choice.

Teddie works with restaurant, retail and supply partners to determine which of their seafood items are Ocean Wise. To do this, she looks at a species’ scientific name (as a single species can have many different common names) to identify the seafood product. She then finds out how it’s caught and from where. Sustainable items are then identified with the Ocean Wise symbol, so consumers can make informed decisions when making menu selections. Teddie also helps Ocean Wise partners find alternatives to their unsustainable seafood items.

Aside from working with the partners, Teddie says she also does a lot of outreach. She attends community events and industry trade shows, and gives talks at high school and universities to raise awareness of Ocean Wise and show people that they are not powerless, that their choices and actions count.

Using the introduction of ocean-friendly Selva Shrimp into the seafood market as an example, Teddie says the most satisfying part of her job is that “I’m able to see a tangible change, the effect that I’m having.”

Learn more about Teddie and other Aquarium careers during the Ask the Staff program taking place daily during Vancouver Aquarium Up Close, a special feature exhibit on now until April 30.

Written by Karen Horak, writer-editor, content and digital experience at the Vancouver Aquarium.


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    Why do regulations even allow “unsustainable seafood items” to be harvested at all ??


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