Members of the Vancouver Aquarium already receive great benefits, but the latest addition to the exclusive access members receive is the Aquarium’s AquaClubs. Young aspiring marine biologists and conservationists now have access to members-only programming for explorers ages 7 – 11. AquaClubs offer a special opportunity for students to explore the aquatic animals, ocean science and research that happen at the Vancouver Aquarium and around the world.

Young members who attend AquaClubs dive into marine science and learn about animal movement, how scientists study animals and their environments, and how our actions can have an impact on the world around us. Programs have included exclusive behind-the-scenes tours, an opportunity to meet and learn from our animal care staff, as well as designing, building, and testing home-made remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

One of four AquaClub recognition badges.

One of four AquaClub recognition badges.

Our exclusive recognition program rewards long-term AquaClub learners. When participants reach certain session milestones, they will be awarded with an ocean-themed badge that they can wear with pride. So far, over 15 students have earned their “Ocean Explorer” badges.

Here is some feedback from our AquaClubbers and their parents so far:

“I met lots of new kids and did a lot of interesting things in just two classes. I can’t wait for the third one!”

–          AquaClub participant

“The Clubs are an amazing adventure learning about the ocean. I wish they could last forever. The leaders are well educated and entertaining. I highly recommend the Aqua Clubs.”

–          AquaClub participant

“I thought the clubs were exceptionally well coordinated and suited to a variety of age and interest levels.”

–          AquaClub parent

“My kids are excited about spending time at the Aquarium as part of an AquaClub. They are always full of new information and enthusiasm after they’ve been to a session.”

–          AquaClub parent

If you’re a member, there are still spaces available for our April 5, April 26, May 10 & May 24 AquaClub sessions. Space is limited to 20 students, so avoid disappointment and register today!.

For more information about AquaClubs and to register, please visit our webpage here.

Are you interested in becoming a member of the Vancouver Aquarium? AquaClubs are just one of the many benefits members enjoy, including unlimited admission, express entry and exclusive discounts. Plus, membership pays for itself in two visits and gives you a whole new level of access to the Aquarium and our incredible marine life. Interested in learning more? Visit our website for a full list of membership benefits or to join today.

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