Catch & the Oyster Bar’s new “buycatch” program in Calgary is offering market fresh seafood to their customers to cook at home.

Although Alberta is a landlocked province, it doesn’t mean that Albertans shouldn’t have access to high quality, sustainable seafood. As we saw last year, there are already many chefs in Alberta that are committed to sourcing ocean-friendly seafood options.

Catch & the Oyster Bar in Calgary is no exception. After years of working diligently towards becoming 100 per cent Ocean Wise™, Catch and the Oyster Bar announced last May that they had achieved this goal. This committed Ocean Wise partner is now making it easier for Calgarians to make a positive choice for our oceans by opening the first-ever 100 per cent Ocean Wise retail market in Alberta – buycatch.

The new “buycatch” market, which publicly launched yesterday, will sell various “catches of the day” that will be flown in fresh daily via Catch’s JetFresh program to customers. These market-fresh items will include seasonal offerings such as oysters, prawns, mussels, halibut, spring salmon and mackerel as well as seafood chowder, fish stock and accompanying sauces. All of the market-style portions and products will feature recipes put together by executive Chef Kyle Groves and his team.

An enticing peek at some of buycatch's new offerings. Photo credit: Catch & The Oyster Bar.

An enticing peek at some of buycatch’s new offerings. Photo credit: Catch & The Oyster Bar.

Chef Groves, who has had a long-standing passion for keeping our oceans safe and sustainable, is extremely excited to bring this same effort into the homes of Calgarians. “The new buycatch will continue to impact the growing effort to sell sustainable seafood by doing what the Ocean Wise program is designed to do, but will be taking it a step further,” says Chef Groves.

Focused on selling the best possible sustainable seafood, Chef Groves also notes that buycatch will put an emphasis on the seasonality component of sustainability, in educating customers about how seasonal selection is also important to combating overfishing.

As Catch already has returning customers requesting a market-style opportunity to purchase fresh seafood, Chef Groves is thrilled to fulfill this request. “Buycatch will offer our customers an easy solution for purchasing convenient and exceptional seafood that they can recreate at home,” he says.

One of Catch’s main goals is to educate staff, customers and the general public about the importance of sourcing environmentally-conscious menu items. Now people can enjoy that same responsibility by getting creative and cooking fresh, sustainable seafood their way, in their own homes.

The limited quantities of the “catch of the day” will be posted every day through Twitter under the hashtag #buycatch @CatchCalgary. Customers can then call 403.671.7214 to order their vacuum-sealed item. Each item will go home with an ice pack for transport and will feature a recipe and tips from the chef on how to prepare and cook at home.

Signature sauces, fish stocks and spices will also be available for purchase, direct from Catch’s kitchen. With the added convenience of being in downtown Calgary, customers can utilize an ideal and quick pick-up before they head home from work.

As consumers, the issue of overfishing deserves our immediate attention. The good news is that establishments like Catch Restaurant and buycatch are making it easier for us to make conscious seafood purchasing decisions while feeling great about where our food is coming from. Time to enjoy a fresh “Catch” at home!

Overfishing is the biggest issue facing our oceans today. The Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program makes it easy for consumers to make sustainable seafood choices that ensure the health of our oceans for generations to come. Look for the Ocean Wise symbol next to a menu or seafood item for the Vancouver Aquarium’s assurance of an ocean-friendly seafood choice. Learn more at


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