A shoreline cleanup may not sound like a glamourous event, but this is bound to change, thanks to student-turned-fashion-designer Kylee Gill from White Rock B.C. Kylee has strived to develop a connection between fashion and everyday life, and her Trinity Apparel Line for young girls includes some truly innovative concepts. Kylee explains that “This fashion line dives into the hearts of 8-12 year olds, giving every girl a voice and chance to show their passions about the environment, nature and working with their communities.”

The Shoreline JKyleeGillDesigns_Sleeveacket is one such design. Kylee has seen that shoreline cleanups inspire girls to become active volunteers in their community and the Shoreline Jacket was born with these girls in mind. Combining style with function, this jacket was designed with unique sleeves and an asymmetrical hemline to allow volunteers to pick up litter with ease, or rest on nearby logs or benches to enjoy the beautiful shoreline scenery while staying completely dry.

For Kylee, volunteering is all about the atmosphere of the people you are surrounded by. She is reminded of what you can accomplish as a collective and is inspired by the happiness she sees in other volunteers. She takes great inspiration from local charities, and her Trinity Apparel Line works to develop mini collections each season based on charities voted by young girls around the world.

Shoreline cleanups are a terrific opportunity to share your passion for cleaner shorelines while working alongside a team of dedicated volunteers. The Vancouver Aquarium and WWF’s Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, presented by Loblaw Companies Limited, is open for spring and fall cleanups. Make a difference for your local shoreline and the communities and wildlife that depend on them by signing up to host your own cleanup, or join one at www.ShorelineCleanup.ca.

More details on Kylee and her amazing designs can be found on her website

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