This week’s rescue story is courtesy of Taryn Roberts, marine mammal rehabilitator and a registered veterinary technologist at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre.

On June 27, the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre received a call from Nola, a local resident at Dawson’s Landing in River’s Inlet. A baby seal had been found on her busy fuel dock, exhausted and underweight. There was no sign of any adult seals around for many hours and given the busy location it was obvious that Mercury needed to be transported to the Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre.

Given the remote location of Dawson’s Landing, finding transport to Vancouver for the baby seal was going to be a challenge. Nola and the staff at the Rescue Centre made calls to several agencies to try and arrange the safest and quickest transport for Mercury to the rehabilitation facility. In the mean time, Nola and her daughter were kind enough to make a special homemade formula as instructed by Rescue Centre staff to try to hand/bottle feed Mercury to get some calories into him and provide him a safe home overnight.

That evening, the Rescue Centre received a call from the staff at Good Hope Cannery informing us of a Seair Seaplanes charter flight leaving from Duncanby Lodge the very next morning. With the help of Meaghan from Seair, Terry the pilot and Sid from the Duncanby Lodge, we were able to confirm some cargo space on the flight and fly Mercury straight into Vancouver arriving safe and sound the evening of June 28.

While many of our rescues can be challenging, it is incredibly inspiring how many people from so many different organizations and corners of the province are willing to contribute their time and energy to getting animals to the Rescue Centre. Every single person involved in Mercury’s long journey to our centre contributed to his rehabilitation and he has already shown an increase in energy and begun gaining weight since being admitted.

Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre, presented by Port Metro Vancouver and supported by Teekay Shipping, is a hospital for sick, injured or orphaned marine mammals. The Rescue Centre rescues stranded marine mammals and rehabilitates them for release back into their natural habitat. Donate to the Rescue Centre at

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