As children, Laura and Tomas Handfield came to the Vancouver Aquarium regularly. While they loved all the animals, they were especially taken with the sea otters. With the demands of their busy lives and the fact that Tomas and his partner live in Terrace, B.C., they are only able to visit the Aquarium about once per year. They do, however, keep up to date on our animals and our rescue and rehabilitation work through the Aquarium’s Facebook page, AquaBlog and website.

Laura and Tomas Handfield pay Wally a visit

Laura and Tomas Handfield pay Wally a visit

Both Laura and Tomas have been closely following the story of rescued sea otter Wally online and read an article about the inspiring fundraising done for Wally by the students of the W. Ross Macdonald School for the Blind. They were incredibly touched by these students and what they did to help support Wally’s ongoing care. Laura and Tomas had been talking about how to support the Aquarium and get involved and decided that they would each make a donation to match the funds the students raised.

They brought their gifts to the Aquarium on June 22 and had an opportunity to see Wally close-up! One of our team members, Lesley Harris, took them on a tour of the building and shared some behind-the-scenes stories with them. Lesley was able to explain exactly how their donations will be used to support Wally’s care.

When asked what they wanted their gifts to accomplish, both said that they hoped the gifts would inspire others to support the Aquarium – both financially and by getting involved in conservation issues. As ocean lovers and travellers, they too often see first-hand what devastation and destruction pollution, plastics and other debris causes to habitats and marine mammals.

We rely on the generous support of all our donors to fund our conservation, research and education work – and especially to take care of animals like Wally. We are very grateful for the passion and dedication displayed by all of our donors. Thank you!

Help us continue to care for Wally and other rescued and rehabilitated animals by donating today.

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  1. Andrea

    Thank you so much Laura and Tom as well as the students of W. Ross Macdonald School. Our staff have been so touched and inspired by this story!


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