Nadine Harding’s roots in science go deep. She remembers going to Lake Opinicon, Ontario, to study fish while she was a biology student at Queen’s University. One day, while putting a sample on a shelf, she discovered a vial her father had placed there – 20 years earlier!

It was Nadine’s love of science – combined with her background in marketing and passion for community – that brought her to the Vancouver Aquarium as a volunteer just over a year ago. She started here in the AquaLab, and then began educating in the galleries, and finally decided that she wanted to specialize in Ocean Wise(TM), the Aquarium’s national sustainable seafood program. She actually gave an Ocean Wise presentation to the president of Hungary, and may even have convinced him to start an Ocean Wise program there!

Nadine loves all of the programs she’s worked in, for different reasons: the opportunity to touch the animals in AquaLab, the learning opportunities in the galleries, and the good work that Ocean Wise is doing to conserve our ocean species. She says, “With the Ocean Wise cart I get to think up ways to reach people and motivate them to think about the seafood they eat. I also really enjoy coming up with new ways to attract people, of all ages and experiences, to the cart, with games or visuals.” Regarding all of her hard volunteer work here, she says, “It energizes me. I go home happy.”

When she’s not at the Aquarium, Nadine, mom to two teens, is a photographer and marketing consultant. She loves community and attends all of the events she can: from Chris Hadfield to Pecha Kucha, documetary films, political talks, the Folk Festival, concerts, plays, art exhibits and dance shows.

At the recent Spring Splash recognition event for volunteers, Nadine won the Conservation Award in recognition of the outstanding effort she put into creating the Ocean Wise cart that is used to educate visitors in the galleries.

To learn more, or to join our award-winning volunteer program, visit here.



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