Once again, from August through October, until foul weather drives rockfish into hiding, divers are requested to assist in monitoring British Columbia’s inshore rockfish species.

There are 37 species of rockfish caught in B.C. waters, and monitoring has indicated that five inshore species have been exploited to low levels of abundance. These fish are slow maturing and very long-lived, so their small home territories make them susceptible to overfishing.  If you SCUBA dive with a video camera, the Vancouver Aquarium can use your help in the Annual Rockfish Abundance Survey.

Last year was the first successful year for citizen SCUBA science in the Aquarium’s ongoing rockfish surveys.  Because people can be intimidated with trying to identify rockfish, we invite submission of video footage with date and location notes, along with diver contact information.


The feedback on submitted videos provided by the Aquarium’s Howe Sound Research team included correct counts and rockfish species identifications.


Conservation of B.C.’s inshore rockfish species needs citizen help to reach many locations and obtain repeat observations at the best sites.  First-time participants will receive a free t-shirt.

For more information or questions about the annual rockfish survey visit us online, or contact a member of the research team at: 604-659-3780 or via email [email protected].

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