Our Ocean Wise team here at the Vancouver Aquarium is proud to announce that we were awarded a 2014 Greenest City Community Grant.  The grant, which is a joint collaboration between the Vancouver Foundation and the City of Vancouver is presented to charitable organizations whose work supports Vancouver’s goal of becoming the greenest city in the world by 2020.

Vancouver Aquarium Greenest City Grant

Proud to be a 2014 recipient of the Greenest City Grant

“The sustainability goals of Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program complements Vancouver’s aim to become the world’s greenest city by 2020,” says Ann-Marie Copping, Vancouver Aquarium Ocean Wise manager. “Vancouver is the birthplace of Ocean Wise, and so it makes perfect sense for the program to work towards providing as many of Vancouver’s residents as possible with access to sustainable seafood options.”

Ocean Wise will use the $50,000 Greenest City Community Grant it has received to enable wider availability and education of sustainable seafood to more Vancouver residents than ever before, with the goal of increasing local demand for sustainable seafood through the support of additional local partners offering ocean-friendly choices.

Ocean Wise will also be collaborating with a wider swath of Vancouver restaurants, markets, producers, and other seafood establishments in improving consumer access to sustainable seafood options in Vancouver. The program’s reach will include untapped ethnic establishments, restaurants with menus of all price ranges, and restaurants outside the downtown core. The initiative will aim to raise awareness of underutilized local seafood species and encourage new Ocean Wise partners in Vancouver to offer ocean-friendly seafood choices to consumers, replacing unsustainable options with sustainable ones.

An example of a new Vancouver restaurant partner that was recently motivated to take part in the Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program as a result of this initiative is Chicha Restaurant, which offers modern, creative small share plates and innovative cocktails inspired by Peruvian ingredients and flavors. The restaurant, located at East Broadway and Main, joined the growing sustainable seafood movement out of a personal commitment to ensuring current fish stocks for future generations.

Ocean Wise dinner in Vancouver

Classic ceviche from Chicha’s Ocean Wise menu

“I’m a mom and I want my son and future generations to be able to cook and eat the same things I have enjoyed. I know the only way this can happen is to promote sustainable seafood,” says Shelome Bouvette, Chicha Restaurant’s Executive Chef and Owner. “From older and more established chefs to newer chefs starting out, sustainable seafood is a common theme, and one I am really proud to be part of in Vancouver.”

Ocean Wise is already putting its Greenest City Community Grant into action, and will continue to do so through 2015. For more information on Ocean Wise, and inspiration for on sustainable seafood choices visit oceanwise.ca.

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