Thin Lizzy was found on a tiny spit just off of Thetis Island premature, underweight and exhausted. Concerned citizen Selina Olson called the Island Wildlife Natural Care Centre to report the sighting, and given the condition of the young pup it was determined that the animal needed to be brought in for care. Selina rowed her small boat up to the pup and assisted with transport back to Salt Spring Island where efforts could be made to stabilize the new born pup.

Seal pup rescue, Vancouver Aquarium

“Thin Lizzy” got her name from the very underweight condition she was found in.

On July 19, after seven days at the Natural Care Centre where Lizzy was rehydrated and received medical treatment, she was deemed stable enough to transport to our Marine Mammal Rescue Centre where long term care could begin.

Today, Lizzy is thriving with a body weight of 16 kilograms and a healthy appetite. Lizzy has been moved to a larger pool where she is learning to socialize with other seal pups and compete for fish. Hopefully within a few weeks, Lizzy will be given a clean bill of health and will be able to be released back to the wild.

Seal rescue, release. Vancouver Aquarium

Thin Lizzy making friends and preparing to go back to the wild.

Our Rescue Centre works closely with partners such as the Island Wildlife Natural Care Centre to provide immediate and long term care options for seals and other marine mammals with 28 seal pups already transferred to our facility this summer. We are grateful to our partners who contribute to each and every rescue including Harbour Air, BC Ferries and the many concerned citizens who call in to report a seal pup in distress.

Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre, presented by Port Metro Vancouver and supported by Teekay Shipping, is a non-profit hospital for sick, injured or orphaned marine mammals. With over 100 seal pups admitted into our care each summer, donations are greatly appreciated.

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    I took some pictures of a elephant seal at tribune bay Hornbu Island today I would like to send them to you

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    I’d like to send you the picture of Rutherford when we found him, where can I send it to?


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