Canada’s oceans are under continually increasing stress from pollution, overfishing, habitat loss and climate change. To tackle these issues the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council has granted $2.5 million to the OceanCanada Partnership which will examine both the economic and social impacts of our changing oceans from coast to coast.

“This is the first time this kind of study has been integrated across all three of Canada’s oceans” says Eric Solomon, director of Arctic Programs at the Vancouver Aquarium. “There has never been a more important time to integrate and develop new knowledge about our oceans and the challenges that lie ahead.”

The project is an interdisciplinary research collaboration between the Vancouver Aquarium, 15 Canadian universities, non-governmental organizations, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and others.

Ocea Pollution

Pollution is one of the largest stressors on our oceans today.

Stressors like ocean acidification, marine debris and pollution create new challenges for Canada’s oceans and coastal communities while new opportunities may arise as global climates change. The OceanCanada Partnership will look at both the challenges and opportunities facing Canada’s oceans and the coastal communities that depend on them. With findings integrated from coast to coast, the Partnership will develop case studies and build scenarios for the future of our coastal communities. The resulting knowledge will allow Canadians to plan for both the challenges and opportunities to come.

With this partnership, the Vancouver Aquarium will continue to play an important role in gathering information and engaging the Canadian public in dialogue about the future of Canada’s coastal oceans.

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