Looking for Halloween plans for your family without a sugar rush? Join us from October 30 through to November 2 for fun, family-friendly Halloween programming and activities for kids and adults of all ages.

Vancouver Aquarium scary animals

Learn about the creepy crawly creatures at the Aquarium.

From the tropics through the Pacific, explore our galleries and uncover the spooktacular creatures that call the Aquarium home, from venomous fishes and jellies, to Jamaican fruit bats, bugs, snakes and scorpions.  Selfie with a spider anyone?

Parents and children are invited to wear your Halloween costumes* and catch the Creatures of Camouflage show where you’ll learn about aquatic animals that “dress up” in order to survive. Then, tour the waters of the Strait of Georgia with Darth Vader as your guide at the daily Sea Star Wars: Episode II dive show.

Vancouver Aquarium Halloween Star Wars Dive Show

May the force be with you at our Sea Star Wars dive show.

Plus, don’t miss the chance to engage with our knowledgeable volunteers at the spooky creature carts, featuring bats, animal camouflage and bug eating – yum!

If you’re interested in visiting the Aquarium without the kids, check out our next After Hours event coming up October 29. Tickets for this event are expected to sell out, so be sure to purchase yours in advance to avoid disappointment.

Happy Halloween!

* IMPORTANT: The safety of our animals is our number one priority and as such please ensure your costume does not include the following forbidden items: balloons, feather boas or feathers in general, straws/stir sticks, confetti, bubbles, sparklers, beaded necklaces (i.e. Mardi Gras beads), glassware (as props), or glow sticks.

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