Our volunteer program at the Vancouver Aquarium provides opportunities for just about every personality type: shy, extroverted, studious, artistic, or meticulously organized.

The Street Team is a job for the most outgoing of our volunteers. They are on site, representing the Aquarium at events, festivals and parades all summer long. They engage the public with props and educational activities, and introduce kids and parents to the Aquarium’s beloved mascot, Bee Bop.

The Street Team has just wrapped up a busy and successful summer of public engagement, and we would like to highlight two of our stellar Street Team volunteers, Gail Bremer and Sherry Work.

Volunteer at the Vancouver Aquarium

Gail is just one of our many dedicated volunteers.

Gail and Sherry both started volunteering at the Vancouver Aquarium in the spring of 2011. With over 1,400 volunteer hours logged to date, Sherry has worked not just with the Street Team, but at the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre and as an animal husbandry assistant as well. Gail too has explored different roles, starting out as a gallery greeter and assisting with birthday parties, summer camps and the Scuba Claus program. Today Gail volunteers at the Rescue Centre, assists with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, presented by Loblaw Companies Limited, and helps us interview new volunteers for the Aquarium.

Gail says she especially loves working with the Street Team because of the opportunity to educate and raise awareness about our oceans, sustainability and conservation issues.  “It generates a sense of optimism when I play games with children about keeping our waters clean so that the animals may have a healthy and sustainable environment” she says.

Sherry loves the wonder and excitement she sees when she shares some amazing story about the aquatic world, or when children meet Bee Bop for the first time. Sherry has a soft spot for the Rescue Centre though; there’s just no substitute for helping nurse a baby seal back to health and watch it be released back into the wild.

Volunteers at the Vancouver Aquarium

Sherry and other Street Team members educate and inspire at events all summer long.

Sherry is a retiree and when she’s not putting in hundreds of hours of volunteer time at the Aquarium, she is out golfing. Gail stays busy swimming, skiing, dragon boating, sailing, scuba diving, gardening, and volunteering for other organizations like the Easter Seals, Run for the Cure, FIFA and Soccer Canada. Oh, and did we mention she works part time as a nursing educator?

The Vancouver Aquarium is tremendously lucky that these two amazing, dedicated women have decided to carve time out of their busy schedules to promote our mission of effecting the conservation of aquatic life. Thank you Gail and Sherry!

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  1. Gail Bremer

    Thank you SO MUCH for this wonderful blog. It is such an honor to be an Aquarium volunteer. To share the story with a great friend Sherry is awesome! Thanks again.


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