Your next visit to Vancouver Aquarium will take you on a journey across North America through the lens of London Drugs former president and CEO and current CEO of Sonora Resort Wynne Powell. Through the Camera Lens – Wild North America is a stunning exhibit of candid moments caught on camera in places as diverse as British Columbia’s coast, Alaska’s marshes and Manitoba’s tundra.

At seven years old, Powell took to photography with the help of his dogs and quickly grew into the avid photographer he is today. Powell notes that, despite his travels around the world, the west coast of North America is blessed with rich, varied wildlife. Located in our new Teck Engagement Gallery, his photographs shine the spotlight on animals including grizzly bears and eagles that face their own challenges in a wild North America.

Vancouver Aquarium Photo Display

Guests enjoying the new London Drugs photo display at the Aquarium.

A Vancouver Aquarium supporter, Powell, with the help of London Air Services, has provided transportation services for initiatives such as the transfer of sea otter Katmai who was provided a permanent home at the Aquarium having been rescued in Alaska, as well as the wild release of endangered Northern leopard frogs, which were bred at the Aquarium as part of a worldwide effort to save the species.

Guests of the Vancouver Aquarium can enjoy the Wynne Powell photo exhibit into early November our newly expanded space, which opened just this year. Vancouver Aquarium is the first aquarium in the world to have a dedicated exploratory gallery for photo exhibits. The Wynne Powell photo exhibit is one of a series of exhibits dedicated to nature and landscapes as a way of connecting people with nature.

Wynne Powell is former president and CEO of London Drugs and current CEO of Sonora Resorts. All photos on display were printed by the London Drugs Photo lab.

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  1. Canadian Joe

    Was it not the Rocky Mountain leopard frogs that London Air provided transportation for? Your Panamanian golden frogs are not genetically diverse enough to be released?
    – Joe

    • Vancouver Aquarium

      Hi Joe, looks like you caught us just as we were updating the post. You are correct that it was the leopard frogs that London Air provided transportation for. Thanks for your diligent readership!


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