When Stephen Hargreaves, the Vancouver Aquarium’s new videographer-editor, first started he was immediately put to the test. Could he spend an entire weekend in the Adams River filming sockeye salmon? And could he spend those long work days with his new boss? Of the time spent with his manager he chuckles, “We got to know each other a little bit more.”

Before coming to the Aquarium, Stephen worked as a photographer at a surf camp in Tofino. He says the biggest difference between working with people and animals is that: “Before, I could re-pose or give directions. Here, the animals don’t listen all that well.” He’s joking, of course, and says instead he relies on a combination of luck and patience – like the time he got Tanu, Katmai and Wally all in the same frame when the female sea otters were recently introduced to Wally.

Success! Stephen manages to get all three sea otters in the same shot.

Success! Stephen manages to get all three sea otters in the same shot.

Beyond these walls, Stephen says he stands by the Aquarium’s efforts to tell other stories. He says, “The Adams River shoot was not necessarily Aquarium-centric, but it’s a story that we’ve identified as important to tell.” Stephen plans on getting scuba-certified soon so he can also document what happens beneath the water’s surface.

Our new videographer likes keeping busy and active, though he doesn’t consider himself an adrenaline junkie. Even so, he says, “Skydiving is boring. You’re just falling – there’s nothing to do.” Well, there’s a ton to do at the Aquarium, so he’s sure to keep busy here.  Aside from shooting the salmon run, he’s already become acquainted with the northern fur seals, piranhas and pig-nosed turtle.

Anything else you want to do Stephen?

“My dream is to go to the Arctic.”

The cool thing is, it’s not unheard of for this type of dream to come true at the Aquarium.

Written by Karen Horak, writer-editor, content and digital experience at the Vancouver Aquarium.

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  1. Merrietta Skold

    I have been a life long Vancouver Aquarium fan. Going to the Aquarium with my parents, bringing my children and Grand children whenever we could. I have also painted realistic fish inspired by my great experiences there, I even wanted to work there but somehow I was not a student and needed a paying job so that never worked out. So I look forward to your posts. I do love the Aquarium.


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