Fishmonger and Ocean Wise partner Hana Nelson of Afishionado Halifax Fishmongers recently donated her time and skills for a great cause.

Finding herself with an abundance of Ocean Wise, land based farmed Atlantic halibut ordered for an event that was cancelled, Hana wasn’t sure what to do with the excess product. Since she didn’t think she could sell it all from her regular fish stand at Local Source Market on Agricola Street in Halifax’s North End, Ocean Wise purchased the excess halibut and asked that she donate it to a local charity of her choice.

Ocean Wise Fish Halifax

A fish donation makes for a holiday surprise.

Hana chose to donate the fresh, sustainably caught halibut to Ark, a drop-in shelter for street-involved and homeless youth. For the past 16 years, Ark has been offering a safe place for young people, aged 16 to 24, to access basic needs such as meals, showers and clean socks. It also offers services such as health care, addiction support, and help finding employment and housing options.

Hana headed over to Ark with about 10 pounds of freshly filleted fish for the staff to prepare a special meal, and some to be frozen for future use.

Fish mongers Halifax

An Ocean Wise fish donation for the holiday season.

Choosing Ark as the recipient for the Ocean Wise halibut was easy, said Hana. “What they are doing is quite amazing. They provide a safe, welcoming space for street-involved youth. No questions asked. I’ve heard from so many testimonials that youth feel safe around them, and a safe, welcoming place is something they don’t often get.”

Stop in at Local Source Market and check out the great selection of Ocean Wise seafood at the Afishionado Fishmonger counter. Support Halifax’s first stand-alone, independent fishmonger and sustainable, Ocean Wise seafood products.

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