Getting “suited up” takes on a whole new meaning for the dive team at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre who routinely spends their days underwater.

At the end of every year, diving safety officer Jeremy Heywood tallies up the numbers to see just how many days (and weeks) his team members are spending under the sea. Here’s how the numbers shaped up for 2014:

  • Total Dive Operations: 1,005, for 32,293 minutes or over 71 workdays (over 14 work weeks)
  • Total Person Dives: 1,586, for 55,756 minutes or 124 workdays (almost 25 work weeks)
  • Number of Divers: 66
  • Longest Dive: 118 minutes by staff divers who maintain the YVR Aquarium exhibit
  • Deepest Dive: 40 metres on a B.C. Waters collecting dive, Agamemnon Channel, near Egmont B.C.

Last year’s busiest diver, Jessica Schultz, who works for our Howe Sound Research group, spent almost 108 hours under the water over a total of 184 dives. “I feel really privileged to be able to do something I love for a living,” said Jessica who’s been a certified diver for over 10 years.

Diving at the Vancouver Aquarium

Jessica surveys the landscape on a dive in Howe Sound.

While Jessica has been fortunate to dive in such exotic locations as South Africa, the Red Sea and the Caribbean, she considers the diving off the coast of B.C. to be among some of the best in the world.  She’s assisting with ecological studies in Howe Sound including the annual lingcod egg mass and rockfish surveys and conservation work for glass sponge reefs.

Whether they’re leading an interpretive delivery show for our guests, cleaning the habitats or out conducting research and field studies in Howe Sound, the dive team at the Vancouver Aquarium spends an impressive amount of time underwater.

Catch them in action during a dive show during on your next visit to the Vancouver Aquarium.


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