From making sure everything is ready to go each morning to acting as a liaison between the front and back of house to answering guest questions, the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre duty managers wear a number of hats on any given day.

Usually seen darting around in their red vests, we’re excited to welcome two new duty managers to the visitor experience team, bringing with them a wealth of tourism and hospitality experience.

Vancouver Aquarium staff members

Linda loves the educational experience for kids and families at the Aquarium.

Linda Lavergne joined the Aquarium just before the busy holiday season and brings an extensive background in tourism working with destinations across the country. Originally from the East Coast, Linda is enjoying her time here in Vancouver, taking in the sights and sounds of Stanley Park on a daily basis on her walk to work.

When asked, “Why did you want to join the Aquarium?” Linda said, “I really believe in the education and values that the Vancouver Aquarium teaches. Seeing kids here learning and asking questions, I really feel they know so much more about the ocean and nature than I did at that age.”

Natasha Tucker first joined the Aquarium last January as a gallery educator volunteer before becoming a full time duty manager at the beginning of the 2014 holiday season.

New staff members at Vancouver Aquarium

There’s no better place to work for Natasha who is a big animal lover.

“I’m a huge animal lover and could not pick a better place to spend my days working!” said Natasha about why she wanted to work for the Aquarium. “Starting as a volunteer really made me realize how much the Aquarium relies on volunteers as a self-supporting non-profit organization.”

When asked, “What’s one thing you’ve learned so far that’s surprised you at the Aquarium?” Natasha replied, “Never underestimate the impact that one life, no matter how big or small, can have on an ecosystem. A lot of people visit the Aquarium to see our marine mammals. Take the time to look at the smaller creatures like the Pacific spiny lumpsuckers, or even the coralline algae. It all plays an important part in one way or another.”

Have a question for one of our duty managers? Simply flag down any of our staff members in the red shirts and they would be happy to locate one for you.  Be sure to say hello to Linda and Natasha on your next visit to the Vancouver Aquarium.

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