With the sustainable seafood movement on the rise across Canada, it comes as no surprise that the same sustainability practice would apply to our pets.

Enter Open Farm – their Do Some Good concept allows pet parents to feed their pets the best quality ingredients while making a positive impact for farm animals, family farms and the environment. Through Open Farm, pet parents may seek pet food that includes Ocean Wise™ approved fish in their Catch-of-the-day product.

“Open Farm’s overarching priority is to source the highest quality ingredients from industry leaders in sustainability and ethical practices,” says Derek Beigleman, Co-Founder of Open Farm. “As the first Ocean Wise pet food, we can give pet parents a high level of comfort in where their pet’s food comes from.”

Open Farm Ocean Wise Dog Food

Dog food that’s good for your pet and the environment.

By working with the Ocean Wise team, Open Farm will receive guidance on sustainable seafood selections to ensure exceptional quality while maintaining a commitment to the health of our oceans.

In addition to providing sustainable pet food, Open Farm has also partnered with TerraCycle to launch the first nationwide bag-recycling program to manage their environmental footprint. We like this a lot as TerraCycle upcycles and recycles packaging and products to repurpose material into affordable, innovative products.

Great having you on-board, Open Farm. Look for Open Farm pet food at specialty retailers across Canada.

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  1. Patti Beer

    I am so excited to see this!!! A number of years ago I read an article about how feeding domestic cats might soon decimate some fish species in the World Oceans. I recall the statistics they stated regarding the sheer numbers of domestic cats worldwide left my jaw on the floor.
    I assumed that feeding dogs held similar issues with the environmental issues of raising cattle and other creatures for meat. This is an amazing step in the right direction! So happy to see Ocean Wise branching out this way. I believe it is a much more important move than most people realize.
    We chose a bearded dragon (born and raised in Canada) as our family pet. They eat small amounts of veggies, fruits, crickets and meal worms – all fairly easy to produce. No regrets – he has been a delightful pet for our family and much more interactive than we first anticipated. Probably not the perfect pet for every family but a great fit for ours.


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